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Masana: Contact your server and finish the chain :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 2 0 Fantroll Santa verdicts :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 0 ???: Introduce yourself :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 0 Cosane: Be your server :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 2 0 Cosane: Deal with server :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 1 0 Cosane: Get up and deal with Lusus :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 1 ???: Land Already :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 1 1 ???: Head home :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 0 Kilena: Be your server a little bit later :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 0 Azarra's Server: Calm down and introduce yourself :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 1 1 Azarra's Server: Regain consciousness a bit later :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 1 0 Azarra: Arm yourself :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 2 1 ???: intttroduce yourself :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 1 1 Renlow: quickly jump ahead to your server player :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 0 Renlow: do not head to your right :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 1 Renlow: go downstairs :iconmayalynch:MayaLynch 0 1


a normal day :iconarok318:arok318 320 21 Welcome to the Shire :iconandrewkwan:AndrewKwan 174 34 Nepeta and Simba :iconpuddingofdeath:PuddingOfDeath 67 9
Mature content
101 Character Question Meme :iconjerepasaurus:Jerepasaurus 14 10
Prisoners OC Meme
- Don't look ahead! It spoils the fun :(
- Do not kill off characters!
- You can change a little bit of the question, but don't change the whole question!
Pick 5 characters. Give them a little description too:
1. All characters are just walking together, when suddenly, the police comes by. The police stuff the characters into their car...
2. 5 and 1 wake up. They look around the room they are in. It contains two beds, a toilet, a sink, and some posters. What do they think?
3. 1 looks at the room across from their room. 2, 4, and 3 are locked together. Their reactions?
4. A policeman comes by the rooms. He tells all the characters that they are in prison for whatever reason you can think of. Everyone is surprised.
5. Frantic, 3 searches for a rescue route. Describe his/her attempts:
6. Yay! 3 found a super-duper secret tunnel underneath the toilet! He/She invites 2 and 4 to get out! Do they agree?
7. Uh oh... 5 can't unlock the loc
:iconcartoonsandmonsters:CartoonsandMonsters 120 17
Embrace :iconchibiso:ChibiSo 71 6 poto pranks 7 part 2 :iconallisonsmith:AllisonSmith 574 210
Down Once More Translated
Subliminal messages abound in The Phantom of the Opera. Some are so entwined in such carefully constructed, phallic metaphors, that it may be difficult to sift through the passionate web of angst and decipher the lyrics' true meanings. So here, for your clarity, I have provided a translation of some of the musical's most elaborate lyrics. The original lyrics will be italicized, while the translations will not. It is my desire that your next viewing of Phantom should be an enlightened one, and my sincerest hope that these translations will clear up any confusion.
"Down Once More"
PHANTOM: Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair!
(I am using hyperbolic metaphors that make me the patron saint of emos everywhere.)
Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!
(Have you, perchance, ever heard of schizophrenia? Because I think I may have it, along with a medley of other psychological disorders that would make a therapist salivate.)
Down that path
:iconmuirin007:Muirin007 356 140
Welcome to the Kid's Cove :SPEEDPAINT: :iconfluffytail-zombie:Fluffytail-Zombie 1,167 454 He sees you when you're sleeping... :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 1,096 138
Dear Descendant
Dear Descendant,
By the time your reading this....your probably slightly older than 7 sweeps old.Your name is Cheleb I presume.Well Cheleb,your going to be a great person.Greater than you are now.
I want you to know that showing emotion doesnt make you weak.It makes you stronger.Show people how you feel Cheleb.Stop holding everything in.You'll make more friends that way.
Im so proud of you.Your exactly how I wanted you to be.Noble,Courageous and Strong willed.I admire that about you.Dont let anyone get you down.Your perfect.All I could ever ask for in a descendant.I want you to continue with how you are.
The best thing about you is you get to experience everything I never got to. Comradary and Friendship. Having enemies to rival with.Even the joy of love.All these wonderful things,you get to have.
And I know,one day,you'll confront the Condesce and You'll save us.All of us.Then,I'll be able to die in peace.All the cosmos will be able to rest in peace.Our lives....are in your
:iconlukalukanightfeverxx:LukaLukaNightFeverxx 4 14
sweater party :iconmariskywalker:mariskywalker 237 19 family relationship :icontakeclaire:takeclaire 139 24 Kuja :iconskywardazure:SkywardAzure 113 24 In beloved arms :iconvane-elric:vane-elric 379 151


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...But I don't really have access to a scanner at my college. However, I'll be going home in January, so I'll be uploading some stuff then, including a belated Halloween pic!

Speaking of which, my fanventure is on indefinite hiatus due to writer's/artist's block, but I will continue to upload my fantrolls in various one-shots and stuff; being in NYC certainly gives me ideas for situations to put them in...



Maya Lynch
United States
I'm one of the rare females that's been diagnosed with Asperger's, it's my current goal to become an actress, and I spend most of my time on my computer, drawing, reading, and watching movies, the latter of which I've done enough to be called a film expert by some people. Also, I can fit my fist in my mouth! =^..^=

Current Residence: San Francisco
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock/Broadway



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